The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (Osekk)

The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (Osekk), founded in 1994, responds to the competence needs of students and work life in Northern Finland.

Osekk provides education services rooted in practical work life, anticipating the challenges of the future. The core principle of education activities is to serve the region's business community by providing a competent and trained labour force. Osekk continuously anticipates changes taking place in the business world, and its course selection is designed according to the region's needs.

Osekk's education services are realised by the Oulu Vocational College.

Osekk's Managing Director is Mr. Jarmo Paloniemi, Ph.D.

Osekk is one of the Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) partners. OIA integrates top know-how from printed intelligence, wellbeing technology, cleantech and 3D internet and brings together research institutions, businesses and public sector organizations. OIA generates cutting-edge global business from research, development and innovation projects and ventures.

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